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New York City’s Web3 Hub

Station3 is a passionate Web3 Community of IRL builders, developers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Located in the heart of the Financial District, Station3 boasts a beautiful and collaborative workspace environment supporting the Web3 ecosystem.

Station3 is the premiere location for all Web3 events in New York City.

Workspace members enjoy the use of 25,000 sq-ft of beautiful and inspirational open co-working and private office environments.

Members get to enjoy the use of 15 conference rooms, a professional podcast studio, a 2,000 sq-ft studio with daily yoga, mediation, and fitness classes.

And our event space accommodates up to 270 attendees to host roadshows, presentations, community meetups, and art activations.

Best of all, we're a passionate community of Web3 builders and artists working collaboratively.


  • Digital Art, Wine and Love


    150 Places


    ​Lets celebrate the Digital Art movement with a monthly get together. Enjoy Art, Wine and Friends.

  • Web3 Builders


    100 Places


    Every month, join us for Web3 Builders, the meetup for all builders in the Web3 space.
    ​Teams, startups, Developers, let's build together, IRL, in NY!

Want to host your own Web3 event?

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  • Web3 Team Office

  • Coworking Room and Event Space

  • The Main Lobby

  • Cafe - Event Space

  • Podcast Studio

  • Web3 Team Office

  • Conference Rooms

  • Conference Rooms

  • Fitness Studio

WorkPlace Solutions

A stunning and sophisticated collaborative workplace for builders and artists. From one to thirty person workplace solutions, Station3 is New York’s Web3 hub.

Patrons & Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors and Patrons whose generosity supports the development of New York’s premier Web3 ecosystem.

The Station3 Patron NFT

Grant Yun Edition

Support the Web3 ecosystem with the purchase of a Station3 Patron. Your purchase of the NFT represents patronage, and goes towards supporting the development of a vibrant IRL Web3 community in New York City. Your Patron purchase allows us to provide extensive workplace grants to Web3 teams, individuals, and artist’s grants.

In addition, Patron holders –

  • Own a Grant Yun limited Edition piece
  • Have unlimited Co-Working access to the facility.
  • Can use our Broadway Manhattan address to receive mail and sent to them electronically.
  • Part of our online digital Web3 community
  • Access to our token gated events
  • Participate in our partner airdrops
  • And receive Web3 community perks, like a Bob Loukas Bitcoin Live membership or a 1/1 from artist Harvey Rayner, as an example.


Please Note:  The NFT does not represent any ownership, voting rights, or equity in Station3 NYC.  There are no promises or an expectation of any returns from Station3 NYC in relation to the Patron NFT.

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About Station3 NYC

Founded by Bob Loukas to promote Web3 development and support builders and artists.

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District, in collaboration with Primary, NY’s premium Co-working facility.

26 Broadway, 8th Floor,
New York, NY 10004

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