• What is Station3?

    Station3 NYC is a collaborative workplace designed for builders and artists in the Web3 field. It was founded by Bob Loukas to promote Web3 development and support NFT and Generative Art. The workspace is located in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District in collaboration with Primary, NY’s premium co-working facility.

  • What services does Station3 provide?

    Station3 offers workplace solutions for one to thirty people, including private offices and collaborative spaces for Web3 builders, artists, and teams. It also runs a grant program for artists and Web3 startup teams.

  • Who can apply for the Artists & Teams Grant Program?

    Both artists seeking an inspirational environment and Web3 startup teams in need of office space can apply. Successful applicants are offered up to six months of free access to private studio and office space.

  • Who are the resident artists and teams at Station3?

    Station3 is home to a diverse group of resident artists and Web3 teams, including Wasabi, Laura EL, Satoshi’s Closet, dART Studio, Outland, dArt, Tenfold, Jacob Jemal, Waterfall, Icebreaker, Velvert Capital, Kairos Loan, and Douglas CAN’T DUNK.

  • How do I apply?

    To apply, click on “Grant Inquiry” on our website and fill in the form with your details. Please note that all submissions are manually and personally reviewed by Bob, so it may take a few days to receive a response. You are also welcome to join our Discord community and inquire about the status of your submission to one of our moderators or directly to Bob.

  • What is The Station3 Patron NFT?

    The Station3 Patron NFT is a token created by the legendary artist 😶 .There are a total of 1,000 of these NFTs, but only 850 out of 1,000 will be sold during the initial mint phase, and the total circulation of these NFTs will never exceed 1,000.

  • What is the purpose of the Station3 Patron NFT?

    The primary purpose of the Patron NFT is to build a world-class IRL Web3 ecosystem in New York and support the development of Web3 technologies, teams, and artists. We are also working on an exciting Event Program that focuses exclusively on running multiple Web3 events every week.